Valorizing the waste of our site

At Veolia each employee is a part of a Resourcer community contributing daily towards achieving the Group’s mission of Resourcing the World. Being a Resourcer we see waste as a valuable material and explore ways to recycle it and create valuable assets from it.

To promote an innovative approach of upcycling the scrap material from our sites, we have partnered with an NGO Swechha. Swechha is an organization dedicated to enabling people to "Be the Change" for the Environment. Launched in 2000 with the "We for Yamuna" campaign to raise awareness on one of the most polluted rivers, it has since then developed various programs including an "upcycling" activity where they turn waste into innovative furniture and objects. 
The team from Swechha visited our sites in Delhi, identified and collected various types of scraps which could be recycled and upcycled to interesting useful things. Beautiful sofas and vegetable planters were made out of drums and detoxifying planters for our head office and Delhi sites were made out of caustic soda containers. They also made stylish and elegant wallets out of scrap hose water pipes.
Here is a short video of the entire transition from waste to creative sofas, planters and wallets –

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This initiative is a true example of being a Resourcer and seeing value in the waste.  It is about seeing potential in what is discarded to avoid adding to waste disposal and improve the daily life of our employees. And this approach is applicable in all Veolia's activities, because being a Resourcer means seeing the world not as it is, but as it could be#WeAreResourcers