Code of conduct: Veolia places great importance on upholding the values and rules of behavior both with regard to its employees and on fostering such values and rules with regard to its other stakeholders; particularly its customers, suppliers and residents of the countries where it does business.
Veolia’s core values are Responsibility, Solidarity, Respect, Innovation and Customer focus, and these also form the base on which our economic, social and environmental performance is built. 

  • Responsibility: Veolia intends to participate actively in building the society that is committed to sustainable development. As a key player in the field of environmental services, the Group undertakes various responsibilities of general interest which will lead to the sustainable development of the area of our operation.
  • Solidarity: At Veolia, which serves both collective and shared interests through its business activities, this value applies to relationships entered into with all stakeholders.
  • Respect: This value guides the individual conduct of all group employees and is expressed by compliance with the law and the group’s internal rules and through the respect shown to others.
  • Innovation: Veolia has placed research and innovation at the center of its strategy in order to develop durable solutions of service to its customers, the environment and society.
  • Customer Focus: The quest for ever-greater efficiency and quality in its services is the primary manner in which the group puts this value into action. Furthermore, Veolia upholds transparency and ethical rules that should enable building long-lasting relationships of trust with its  customers.Lastly, the group listens to its customers and strives to fulfill their technical, economic, environmental and societal expectations through its capacity to provide appropriate and innovative solutions.
    Equity in the workplace: Veolia believes that the diversity of its employees is a significant asset for the success of its businesses. It strives to recognize the efforts and merits of each of its employees and ensure that employees fully share its projects and values, so that they feel that they have a stake in the company’s performance. Feeling that they are integrated, respected and treated equitably is essential for employees’ everyday commitment, which also implies the promotion of diversity, non-discrimination and refusal of all forms of harassment.