Energy management

Energy efficiency is a key concern for managers of commercial buildings. Commercial buildings are major consumers of energy in the form of heating, cooling, lighting and hot water. Veolia develops energy services that enable building owners to deliver a high level of occupant comfort while optimising energy efficiency and environmental performance. By plugging-in to your organisation we can help to understand your current energy profile before putting forward recommendations for a multi-technical energy solution covering heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) and electrical, mechanical and technical services.


  • Large energy consumption for commercial buildings
  • Raising cost of energy



  • Optimize energy consumption efficiency to create savings for our clients
  • Find energy alternative to reduce energy bill
  • Decrease environmental footprint


Our  Energy  Management Solutions

Managing buildings for optimal energy performance 
Office buildings, data centres, shopping centres, leisure centres, airports and other buildings which have large numbers of people are all becoming more complex and now require the expertise of an energy professional to optimise operation and control energy consumption levels.

Those in charge of managing buildings are faced with rising energy prices and increasingly stringent environmental regulations. They also have to ensure that buildings are in keeping with the environmental commitments made by the owner and expected by building users.
Methodology, technical excellence and innovation
Veolia carries out an energy audit with our customers and then draws up and implements an improvement plan. This includes factors such as work on buildings, upgrades for energy facilities, monitoring tools and systems to encourage occupants to save energy.
Veolia technicians regulate, run and maintain the facilities to attain optimal energy performance. They are backed by the expertise of energy specialists, channel led through the energy performance control centres.
Remote Management guaranteeing Energy Performance
Through our hubgrade capability, remote management provides customers with a means of managing their facilities remotely and in real time in order to ensure increased service continuity and/or optimise their energy consumption. It also provides a means of tracking operations data and enables better reporting.
Local presence, expertise and commitment
Veolia's clients benefit from the skills of its technical energy specialists and its unparalleled experience in managing energy efficiency in a wide variety of buildings around the world.

Hubgrade is Veolia’s concept for improving energy efficiency. It combines real-time monitoring and remote management with on-site technician deployments.

It targets energy management that generates guaranteed savings. Energy consumption is monitored regularly and compared to benchmark values.

Thank to Hubgrade we are able to deliver clear results to our customers.

Hubgrade can be applied to any type of property, industry or facility, often with energy savings of 20% as a result.