Hazardous waste treatment

Veolia is a leader in hazardous waste safe treatment and disposal in USA, Australia, Europe and China. Most of the biggest industrial groups in the world use Veolia hazardous waste expert handling. Its professional technology in treating, recycling and recovering useful materials ensures that the hazardous waste treatment process is covered in its entirety.

What is Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste is defined as waste material that is dangerous or potentially harmful to public health or environment. While in their simplest forms they are liquids, solids, gases, or sludge, we also think of hazardous waste in terms of its originating waste stream: liquid waste, clinical/medical waste and e-waste.


  • Improve transparency and follow the regulation
  • Ensure your license to operate by controlling your emissions and pollutions
  • Be environmentally-friendly and tackle pollution generated by hazardous waste dumping in nature 

Our hazardous waste treatment solutions: 

Comprehensive hazardous waste management 
Veolia ensures comprehensive hazardous waste management in collection, transport, recovery, physicochemical treatment, incineration or landfill disposal. Its services aim to provide clients with the safest treatment of hazardous waste while fulfilling all reporting and transparency requirements.

Maximum pollution reduction
Veolia’s waste management team works in conjunction with other branches of the group to reduce all liquid, solid and gaseous emissions produced by an industrial production process and provide the best technical solutions in pollution control, facility operation and management.

Customized solutions
Veolia creates dedicated waste recycling solutions for each customer’s specific needs.

Our expertise:

  • Hazardous waste profiling
  • Hazardous waste collection, transfer and transportation
  • Treatment, recycling, incineration, recovery and disposal of hazardous waste
  • Online access to your account and waste information
  • Customization: Our team can assist you in evaluating and analyzing your hazardous waste removal and disposal requirements with a customized waste evaluation that includes:
    → Expert analysis of your specific type of hazardous waste
    → Waste stream identification
    → Facility waste audits
    → Consultation to determine optimum staffing, equipment, type and frequency of collection to fit the needs of your enterprise.