Industrial water

Veolia is your exclusive partner to deliver, operate and maintain your industrial water and wastewater facilities; transforming your water and waste streams into a valuable resource.


  • Wastewater accumulation
  • High costs and pressure on water consumption 


  • Save and recover water 
  • Reduce environmental footprint 
  • Reduce cost and enhance savings 

Our solutions

We are dedicated to managing your entire water-cycle to achieve whole life cost reduction and have a proven record in delivering added value through recycle, re-use or recovery of material.

  • Operation and Maintenance Programs
  • Design, Build, Operate and Maintain your new facility's processes
  • Technical expertise for the following operations: hot water/steam; compressed air; cooling water; compliant effluent; solids volume reduction; production water; system optimization; risk management
  • Standardized Water Treatment Plants

Reduce costs and enhance savings
By customizing each solution to meet your needs, Veolia maximizes efficiency in water, resulting in lower costs for your core business. Effluent disposal charges are a significant part of the total utilities bill.

Veolia offers a combination of highly effective pre-treatment options for on-site effluent treatment and scientific support to deliver optimal benefits over the long term. Our advanced recycling and separation technologies allow us to recover not only water but also valuable materials from aqueous waste and process flows.

From water source development to product recovery, our combined expertise in technical and scientific support, operations, maintenance and finance enables our clients to focus more effectively on their core business.

Less operational risk - more certainty
Typically our services would allow you to predict future operational and investment costs with more certainty, transferring the management of risk associated with water and wastewater treatment plants to a competent partner.

One point of contact, one bill
Veolia’s experience and capabilities enable us to co-ordinate and manage our client's multi-utility activities, such as water, total waste and energy management.

Direct access to proven technology
Veolia patented systems and processes are utilized by over 40,000 industrial clients across the world. We continually invest in R&D to develop innovative technologies which provide novel solutions to real environmental problems and add tangible value to our clients’ business.

Dedicated and specialist resources
Our team of scientists, engineers, project managers and operational staff can help you to resolve complex water and wastewater issues from start to finish within agreed deadlines and budgets.

 Achieve the highest environmental standards

Veolia is an award winning organization protecting the environment through sustainable solutions. We work actively to ensure the sites we operate comply with existing legislation directives  as well as anticipating and meeting the challenges of future legislation.

Commitment to your success

Our clients, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to multi-nationals, and representing diverse industries, can rely on Veolia to operate and maintain their water and wastewater facilities to the highest safety, health and environmental standards. Veolia will partner and support your business as it develops, anticipating and planning responses to evolving requirements.

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