Mining industry

Delivering Innovation. Delivering Efficiency. Veolia works within the processing and mining sectors including coal, iron ore, copper and gold to help organisations to reduce their environmental impact; focusing on water reduction, improved energy management and recovery of waste materials, whilst also maintaining operational and plant efficiency.


  • Tremendous environmental impact of the sector
  • Difficulties in gaining mining approvals
  • Regulations towards mining industry are very strict and legislative requirements are growing up
  • Large consumption of water and raw materials
  • Community contestation against mining activities


  • Ensure social license to operate
  • Costs reduction : water and energy savings/recovery  of waste
  • Respect human and environmental rights
  • Gain transparency about the results and the way the work is done

Our Solutions 

Our aim is to deliver truly valuable partnerships which help you maintain operational efficiency, safeguard security of supply, and reduce your environmental footprint whilst also ensuring that communities, governments and other key stakeholder groups are consulted with in an inclusive manner.
Our team of specialists can work with you on defining your challenges with a particular focus on water, energy and waste management to maintain your profitability and operational capacity in keeping with your own key performance indicators.

Our expertise :