Network and Distribution

In the field of water, Veolia has developed an integrated system to optimize the distribution of water from the natural environment to the customer's tap.
According to the World Bank, none of the 35 Indian cities (with more than one million population) distribute water for more than a few hours per day. Moreover, owing to inadequate water pressure, people struggle to collect water even when it is available. Finally, the quality of the water is often inadequate for drinking purposes.
Sustainable network management requires maintaining water quality while tackling the problem of leakages - an issue that is common in India. Veolia Water constantly utilizes its knowledge and expertise in leak detection and reduction and the management of network infrastructure. Our goals dovetail with those of municipal authorities: to provide continuous drinkable water for all.

Combating network leaks

  • The key to improve network efficiency, which is a major source of resource conservation, is to reduce leaks. Veolia has the expertise to implement the most appropriate solutions, including:
  • Leak detection, including acoustic correlation searches in the field, isolation of network sections, flow rate and pressure measurements at various times of the day and night and abnormal flow rate detection.
  • Leak repair, including the replacement of pipes and rehabilitation through pipe lining or casing.
  • Installation of safety systems to protect the most vulnerable pipe networks.