Veolia is positioned at the crossover between the energy and environment sectors and as such is committed to extensive, long-term energy savings and the use of socially responsible and low carbon forms of energy. In India, we especially aim to partner with the power sector to overcome the lack of proper electricity supply for all the Indians.

Main issues

  • Constraints regarding the avaibility of land to build plants
  • Renewable energies are not so developed in India
  • Economic growth lead to an increasing demand for power access


  • Overcome the deficit in power availability in India - 25% of the population lacks access to electricity in India. Our first priority is to overcome this challenge by offering you the best support to operate your plant.
  • Reduce energy loss and turn the sector into a profitable one -  Today, 40% of the electricity produced in India is estimated to be lost or stolen. There is a need to find the best way to tackle this issue, save and use properly  this energy.
  • Opt for low carbon power production and enforce environmental norms - Indian megacities face major environmental issues today we have to take into account to help our customers to deliver a greener energy.

Our solutions

Veolia's expertise and technologies for the power generation industry cover the complete water and wastewater cycle from raw water pre-treatment, boiled feed make-up water, condensate treatment, cooling tower water to wastewater treatment.

Here are the ways we aim to support your industry:

  • Complete expertise for water and wastewater cycle, and for cooling water (over 300 power generation references worldwide)
  • Veolia’s experience in water treatment covers: pre-treatment, boiler feed water, condensate polishing, cooling tower side stream, cooling tower blow down, wastewater treatment
  • Expertise for photovoltaic power and other renewable energies:  With over 300 power generation references worldwide, Veolia Water Technologies has the capability to provide reliable water and wastewater treatment solutions in full compliance with the quality and environmental standards applicable to the power industry as well as long-term cost-effectiveness.
  • We also provide our customers with the best Combined Heat and Power plants: Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants provide electricity, heat and cooling from a single fuel source and are more than twice as efficient as conventional power stations. Giving you cost savings, greatly reduced emissions and carbon footprint, independent electricity supply and less exposure to electricity price fluctuations

Solutions can include:

  • packaged units available for rapid deployment
  • custom designed and site installed solutions
  • site by-product biomass or biogas fired solutions


→ Access to a proper energy supply and decrease of your cost activity
→ Ensure that your plant is equipped with a complete waste and wastewater system
→ Be sure that your plant is secured and in compliance with the new regulations
→ Experts and engineering available to solve your enquiries