Stabilization and Landfilling



  • Lack of know-how and technologies to build appropriate infrastructures
  • Uncontrolled landfilling results in environmental and social disaster
  • Social acceptability


  • Ensure a safe disposal of hazardous waste
  • Build infrastructures that respond to the new regulations passed in 2016 


Our solutions

Stabilization of pollutants
It is essential that the safe disposal of elements from hazardous waste is done without dispersing pollutants so as to protect the environment and public health. Veolia stabilizes these pollutants and stores them in secure dedicated landfills.
Offer a suitable solution for all kinds of hazardous waste
For instance, non-recyclable hazardous waste such as fly and bottom ashes have to first be solidified so as to stabilize them, usually through the use of cement. They then can be safely disposed of in secure dedicated landfills.
Advices, follow-up and highest quality standards infrastructures
Veolia’s hazardous waste dedicated landfills are highly engineered and managed to meet stringent environmental standards.

Our expertise:

  • Gas extraction
  • De-odourising system installed around your landfill site
  • Micro and macro-encapsulation treatment of hazardous waste debris
  • Waste profiling, laboratory analysis and recipe development
  • Landfill disposal