Waste Management

Veolia has the capability and experience to manage the most demanding commercial waste removal requirement. Whether it is commercial, liquid, hazardous or electronic waste, we have a range of collection and treatment offers.

  • Lack of waste facilities
  • Reduce waste management costs
  • Commit to regulation and environmental sustainability objectives


  • Reduce the environmental footprint
  • Find energy alternative to reduce energy bill
  • Improve waste collection, treatment and disposal

Our Waste Management solutions

Commercial enterprises are looking for a partner that can not only provide innovative, efficient, environmentally friendly waste recovery solutions, but one that also has the staff and expertise to ensure there is minimal (if any) impact to their everyday business operation.
Veolia adapts his services to each and every client’s challenges.

Our expertise :

  • Waste Recycling/Disposal: ensuring the responsible management of e-waste and chemicals.
  • Waste management and resource recovery, including handling of process waste for recovery, general waste and recyclables, hazardous liquid and sludge waste collection
  • Site assessments
  • Greenfield design/ development of waste/recycling facilities
  • Service re-engineering – collection systems, on-site processing
  • Product destruction
  • Training and education
  • Environmental and efficiency reporting