Pop Up India 2.0

Call for Application

Criteria to apply

  1. Type: All registered non-profit, for-profits and hybrid organizations with innovative models, which are on the path of financial sustainability and provide products, solutions for under-served communities.
  2. Sectors: Organisations need to be working across the biomass to energy value chain primarily involved in the collection or production of feedstock. 
  3. India Based: Pop-Up India is exclusively for India based start-ups and social enterprises.


Benefits of the Program

  1. Opportunity to Co-Create: The program provides enterprises to work with one of the world’s leading corporations Veolia to co-create and implement their solutions to have an impact.
  2. Partnership: The program is an opportunity for enterprises to partner with Veolia.
  3. Access to Pop-Up Network: Pop Up is a program powered by Veolia worldwide and that has been launched in 15 in France as well as Mexico and Japan. In India, this is the second round of the program. The program will provide the benefit of interaction with the pop up network.
  4. Access to Community network: The program provides access to Ennovent’s network of 1000+ community members in addition to highly experienced community of industry practitioners from public sector, government and academia that will help brainstorm and refine your core value proposition
  5. Access to Mentorship: Thanks to our massive global community and the accelerator’s core project staff, you will have regular access to mentors who are experts in their area of specialization and often-social entrepreneurs themselves. We will do the matchmaking based on your specific needs, be it strategy, marketing or finance. Most start-ups find this extremely valuable as they can expand their internal capacity with varying levels of customised need-based approach. With Veolia’s expertise, the start-ups can work on the models of scalability. 


the challenges

The level of rising air pollution in India has led to immediate environmental and healthcare concerns. The rapid increase in the demand for non-renewable fuel is the primary cause of pollution and highlights the pressing need to look beyond traditional energy sources to meet the ever-increasing demand of non-renewable fuels. The use of renewable biofuels has emerged as an effective tool to address these concerns. Through the pop up program selected startups will receive tailored support to collaborate and integrate with Veolia’s business in India.

The question we have for you are

  • Is your organisation currently involved in the collection of waste and biomass? (MSW, Source-Separated Municipal Waste, Municipal sewage sludge, Industrial and Commercial Waste, Agricultural residue, Animal by-products, Vegetable by-products, Energy Crops or any other biomass)
  • Is your company currently working in the Waste to Energy value chain?

Applicants working in the biofuels industry involved in the collection of feedstock are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Application for PopUp India 2.0 is closed.

Stay tuned for further announcement.

This process will be undertaken while ensuring positive social, economic, and environmental impact for Veolia and key stakeholders at the local level.


application process

The application for PopUp India 2.0 is closed. 

If you may have any queries, kindly contact;

[email protected] or [email protected]

Application deadline: Given the current crisis of COVID19, we are extending the application submission deadline till 30th April 2020



All information shared by applicants to the program will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and any information shared by the program will be considered confidential. 

The shortlisted applicants are asked to sign a Terms and Conditions and confidentiality agreement.