Dharampeth, Karnataka

Basic objectives were to provide uninterrupted water supply to all citizens, reduction in unaccounted for Water (UFW) and improvement in level of service to the customers of Dharampeth water supply zone of Nagpur city.

The entire contract was split into three phases as below:
Phase 1: Comprehensive study/ diagnosis of the system (Base line Study)
Phase 2: Rehabilitation  of the distribution network, replacement of House Service Connections and customer metering, reduction in UFW, creation of a new billing system and taking over customer service management, O & M (Rehabilitation Phase)
Phase 3: O&M of the area for 5 years

Veolia wanted to demonstrate in a new Indian region the capability of improving water services through a partnership between Public and Private sectors. To demonstrate the benefits of the partnership, this demonstration zone was selected being the most representative area in terms of customer types in Nagpur.

The key objective of the contract was to demonstrate 24 hour continuous water supply along with its tangible health, technical, operational and commercial benefits.

After the remarkable success of the Dharampeth demo zone, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation has scaled up the project for entire city which has been won by Veolia.