Providing sustainable solutions that improve environmental performance
Food and Beverage manufacturers need to meet growing customer demands while reducing environmental impact and meeting ever stricter regulatory requirements.
To maintain competitiveness, the pharmaceutical sector must exert significant effort, striving to minimize production expenses, decrease CO2 emissions, and adhere to environmental, quality, and regulatory standards.
The chemical and petrochemical industries are facing many challenges that impact operations such as regulatory changes, waste/wastewater management and fluctuating demand.
By providing integrated plant and facility services tailored for the metal industry, we can align with your primary environmental, social, and economic criteria.
We help the paper and pulp industry to control costs and reduce their environmental impact. The aim? Reduce the footprint of a sector long seen as one of the most polluting industries.
Veolia is a world leader when it comes to producing ultra-pure water for the microelectronics industry.