Food and Beverage

Reducing resource consumption and controlling environmental impact

Before even reaching our tables, food and beverage products go through a complex manufacturing process which uses large amounts of water and energy. By focusing on resource optimisation and maximising productive uptime we deliver sustainable efficiency for the Food and Beverage sector.

Food and Beverage manufacturers need to meet growing customer demands for food and beverage products while reducing environmental impact and meeting ever stricter regulatory requirements. We can help to deliver this through:

  • Offering a thorough strategy for energy management aimed at minimizing the overall cost of ownership
  • Ensuring a steady and secure provision of essential utilities vital for the manufacturing process.
  • Fully compliant water and wastewater treatment
  • Maintaining high Health & Safety standards
  • Reducing environmental footprint and CO2 emissions in alignment with sustainability objectives.


How we create value for the Food and Beverage sector

Turning food waste into green energy

The food and beverage industry is focused on reducing resource consumption and controlling environmental impact while also maintaining standards for quality and production output. The immense amount of organic waste produced during food manufacturing presents a significant opportunity to achieve both goals simultaneously. By converting organic waste into biogas through anaerobic digestion, manufacturers can increase resource productivity, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and reduce power and waste disposal costs.

Maximizing operational and cost efficiencies

Changing consumer preferences and strong competition means the food and beverage industry needs to find solutions to preserve margins. The substantial amounts of water and energy used for processing present an opportunity for the industry to take on water reuse and energy efficiency projects that result in operational efficiencies and cost savings. By partnering with an industry expert, food and beverage manufacturers can use operational best practices and streamline procedures to increase system efficiency and guarantee financial stability.