Supporting businesses in the pharmaceutical sector to sustainably manage their water, waste and energy resources.

Working with pharmaceutical companies to minimise risk and ensure compliance, whilst improving sustainability.

The pharmaceutical sector have complex water, waste and energy needs from manufacturing facilities, laboratories, cleanrooms and office spaces. These manufacturers require expert insight into areas such as water reuse, hazardous waste disposal, solvent recycling and energy management to maintain operational excellence and minimize environmental footprint.

To maintain competitiveness, the pharmaceutical sector must exert significant effort, striving to minimize production expenses, decrease CO2 emissions, and adhere rigorously to environmental, quality, and regulatory standards.


How we create value for the Pharmaceutical  sector


Driving a more circular economy

Pharmaceutical and Life science companies generate considerable amounts of waste and wastewater, meaning the quality of their disposal, reuse and recycling programs can have a significant impact on both environmental and financial goals. As a result, the industry outsources specialized recovery and reuse services (solvent recovery, by-product recycling, and water treatment and reuse) to maximize revenues, reduce water and raw material consumption and guarantee proper health and safety measures.

Sustainable, reliable onsite energy

Inefficient, energy-intensive operations, coupled with high power costs, increase greenhouse gas emissions and impact profitability for bio-pharma manufacturers. Unplanned interruptions can result in safety issues, process equipment failures and production downtime. Our expert engineering operations and maintenance teams can help pharmaceutical companies implement a range of reliable onsite energy solutions such as microgrids, combined heat and power systems and more.

Streamlining energy purchasing and utility billing

With numerous manufacturing sites to manage and millions in annual energy costs, global pharmaceutical and biotech companies often need help formulating an energy procurement strategy and managing time consuming utility bill operations. Energy market analysts combined with enterprise energy management software can improve process efficiencies across multiple pharmaceutical facility locations by consolidating invoicing data, analyzing consumption patterns and forecasting monthly energy expenditures.