How London turns its waste into energy

Turn waste into an energy resource

“Making more with less” could be the motto of the London Borough of Southwark, where waste is turned into a resource, therefore diminishing the quantity of waste and increasing the recovery rate.

This is due to a better sorting at the source from the residents and the implementation of innovative treatment facilities. This is all part of a 25-year contract signed with Veolia in 2008, which allows Southwark to use its domestic waste to produce heat and electricity.

Key figures illustrating solution deployment and results

Around 120,000 metric tons of waste produced by Southwark residents per year


Achieving a recycling rate in the borough of Southwark of around 35%


2,600 properties supplied with heat and electricity

15,000 metric tons of CO2avoided per year thanks to the operation of the Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility


8,000 metric tons of CO2avoided per year thanks to the district heating network operated via SELCHP