Wastewater produces energy with Energido


Wastewater as an alternative energy source

Replacing fossil fuels by renewable resources thanks to permanent rather than intermittent sources (solar, wind) is now a possibility. Veolia demonstrates it with Energido, an innovation which allows recovering heat from wastewater. For example, municipal swimming pools can thus be fed with with 100% renewable energy.

Philippe Rapeneau, 
President of Arras metropolis

“We are trying to initiate the energy transition and to reduce our GHG emissions wherever possible. Regarding Aquarena, as we were discussing with Veolia, our wastewater delegated manager, we found a solution for a renewable energy supply.”


Key figures illustrating solution deployment and result


A 30 to 80 % increase in the renewable energy rate


A 60 % decrease in greenhouse gas emissions

150,000 kWh fossil energy saved per year


280 metric tons of CO2 saved per year