Bijapur, Karnataka

The municipality of Bijapur chose Veolia to remodel its water supply distribution system. Today, Veolia provides 24/7 water supply to an area representing 15% of the total area of the city and comprising of more than 70,000 citizens, including slum dwellers.

The project involves designing and rehabilitating the existing water supply system over a period of 2 years and O&M of the system for 4 years while providing 24X7 water supply while meeting other key performance indicators. Veolia is also improving Customer Services while operating ~125 km of water distribution network along with ~ 5000 house service connections. Apart from providing continuous water supply, we also help the municipality in complaint redressal and monthly billing and collection of the water bills.

Veolia’s state-of-the-art network design and leakage detection and rectification solutions have been able to prove that it is possible to supply safe water on a continuous basis for all customers, including slums. We implement innovative solutions to reduce withdrawal from water resources, while continuing to provide for the increasing demand for water. Our innovative technologies enable the city of Bijapur to extend the lifetime of pipeline networks, with minimal environmental impact, while reducing engineering and operating costs.

This performance based contract ensures to provide 100% safe quality water during its operations to all citizens.