Forum for Organized Resource Conservation and Enhancement (FORCE)

Forum for Organized Resource Conservation and Enhancement, FORCE is an award winning non-profit and non-government organization that focuses on solving community level water and sanitation problems in India. They believe in community members ownership over projects and its management hence, identification of right community leaders is the key to their model. 

Following a competitive selection through the Pop UP India platform, FORCE has entered into a partnership with Veolia and Nangloi Water Services to build additional capacity within the Social Welfare Team of NWS and create a sustainable local model to facilitate and increase the number of safe water connections in the Nangloi command area

Together with FORCE and NWS Social Welfare team, the aim is to create successful model promoting new legal water connection to ensure safe water supply for all through various community awareness initiatives, campaigns and programs. 

They aim to reach out to 300 households per week over the next 6 months. All activities planned will be themed around safe drinking water to draw interest and awareness around safe water and move communities towards adoption of the legal water connection.