Hasiru Dala Innovations Private Limited

Hasiru Dala Innovations Private Limited is a social enterprise focused on creating better livelihoods for waste-pickers through inclusive businesses in and around Bangalore. They provide end-to-end waste management services for large residential complexes and events while ensuring the best valorization of each type of waste.  They have been selected under the Pop UP India platform for their innovative and comprehensive approach that values the status of waste-pickers with whom they have worked for close to a decade. They have a unique understanding of the difficulties the workers face and of the ways to work with them. 

Veolia has partnered with Hasiru Dala to create training modules that aim at improving safety standards and working conditions for a wide range of workers in the waste management sector. 

Through an interactive approach with videos and exercises, the training modules will focus on creating awareness on adopting and implementing safety and security measures such as use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) among the waste-pickers. The training modules will aim at teaching the informal sector workers various topics related to their work which will help them feel more valued and involved in society. 

Occupational Health and Safety is one of the core value of Veolia. Through this partnership and co-creation work with Hasiru Dala, Veolia combines high standards for OH&S with a deep understanding of the ground reality that defines waste picker’s working conditions. It contributes to both building knowledge for the Group and creating positive impact on society.