Hubli-Dharwad, Karnataka - Third Pilot

After the success of the KUWASIP project, in 2013, the municipality of Hubli-Dharwad chose Veolia to remodel its water supply distribution system to another area. It is estimated that the project will serve 24/7 water supply to 128,000 people, including slum dwellers.

This performance-based management contract was awarded by the Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board (KUWS&DB) on the basis of local tenders within the framework of Urban Water Supply Scheme (UWSS) i.e., local funding. Under this contract Veolia will be operating and maintaining the plant for 10 years after its construction.

Veolia responsible for storage and distribution of water all day, every day, delivered under pressure to customers’ taps. This comes as a major change for the local population who currently has access to water only for a few hours a day. We are also revamping our customer services to meet, listen to and inform users and to help them deal with the new water distribution system. With Veolia’s world class network design and leakage detection and rectification solutions, we have been able to achieve remarkable results. 

Our solutions have enabled the city to extend the lifetime of the pipeline networks, with minimal environmental impact. We are providing 23,000 connections and covering more than 200 km of pipeline.