Ilkal, Karnataka

In 2013, the IIkal Municipal Council awarded Veolia a contract for construction of 24x7 continuous water distribution networks and the operation and maintenance of the city’s entire water supply system.

On behalf of the Ilkal City Municipal Council, Veolia will ensure that all the 65,000 citizens of the city have access to a constant supply of continuous safe water delivered under pressure to their taps. This exemplary partnership has shown that it is feasible and sustainable to provide 24/7 water supply to such remmote towns in India as well.

The contract is executed within the framework of the North Karnataka Urban Water Sector Improvement Project (NKUSIP) and funded by the Asian Development Bank.

Through Veolia’s state-of-the-art leakage detection and rectification process, Ilkal is set to become India’s first city with fully pressurized, 24/7 water supply system for all its citizens. A customer service and support centre will also be situated at a location easily accessible to residents of all the distribution zones and operated on a 24-hour basis. Apart from this, all customer queries and complaints will be responded to within 24 hours and redressed within 7 days of such complaint or query.

Awarded through an international bidding process, this performance contract covered an initial 1 and half years of construction or rehabilitation phase followed by a 4 year operation and maintenance phase.