Veolia India takes part in the World Water Day kick-off in New-Delhi on 20 March

The UN Secretariat General, the World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization, UN-Habitat, UN-Development Program and many other UN Agencies disclosed on 20 March, in New-Delhi, the World Water Development report 2015. Through this report, the UN calls for :

  1. Universal access to Water, sanitation and hygiene to reduce the burden of water-related diseases, to improve productivity and economic growth, and to reduce inequalities.
  2. Appropriate legal and institutional frameworks to ensure a secure balance between water availability and use, and protect against pollution and over-abstraction for future generations.  
  3. Increased investment in water, because it generates social, economic, financial benefits that outweigh its costs.
  4. Increased institutional capacity to ensure well-functioning governance structures
  5. Managing and allocating water across competing developmental sectors
  6. Adoption of the post-2015 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to generate progress.

Veolia India was invited as a key actor at the forefront of this fight for universal access to water
We have compelling examples in Nagpur, and several Karnataka cities, where our on the ground action and social engagement show possible to supply continuous, 24/7 safe water through individual connections to more than 1 million slum dwellers.  
“Water for development” is at the heart of Veolia’s own strategy: our position paper “Water for prosperity: resourcing the world, together” shows how our five goals: Inclusiveness, Quality of Life cities, Circular Economy, Resilient Cities, and Smart cities, are concrete actions to support a genuine development, taking benefit of Veolia’s nexus approach, which tackles at the same time resources, energy and water.