Veolia participates in the 6th Social Business Day

The 6th Social Business Day is held at Dhaka on May 28, 2015. Hosted by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Professor Muhammad Yunus, the event is attended on behalf of Veolia by Eric Lesueur, CEO, INNOV and 2 El; Patrick Rousseau, CEO, India and Melanie Grignon, Director, CSR & Communications, India. Along with them the team working in Bangladesh for Grameen Veolia Water Ltd. which is a joint venture company of Grameen Healthcare Services and Veolia will also be attending the event.

The main theme of the event this year is Turning Unemployment into Entrepreneurship and will focus at identifying ways that social business can tackle youth unemployment.
The event will explore the concept of social business and feature series of sessions and workshops that are tailored to offer various solutions to tackle the social problems of a society.
On the sidelines of the  joint venture of Veolia and Grameen Healthcare Services signed in 2008 to deliver safe water to some villages in Bangladesh, Patrick Rousseau, CEO, Veolia India will also be presenting a session on Social Business and Healthcare highlighting the concept and its potentialities in the event.