MIHAN, Maharashtra

The state of Maharashtra is one of the fastest developing states in India, with growing water and wastewater treatment needs to sustain growth.

The Multi-modal International Hub and Airport at Nagpur (MIHAN) is one of the key economic development projects in India with a target to serve 13 million passengers and nearly a million tons of cargo. It comprises an airport terminal and a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), with a residential area covering nearly 40 square kilometers.

To support its fast development, MIHAN chose Veolia to manage the entire water waste water and tertiary system along with corresponding networks as well as customer service in 2010. Veolia operates and maintains a water treatment plant of 20.64 million liters per day capacity and a sewerage treatment of 39 million liters per day. The company also runs a tertiary waste water treatment plant to serve more than 800 industries needs of MIHAN and to minimize the impact on the environment.

In MIHAN, Veolia uses its global experience and innovative process (clarifiers and filtration) to serve the needs of this newly developed international hub. The treated wastewater from the sewerage treatment plants goes through a final process of tertiary treatment before being release in the environment or reused by industries. Such a comprehensive treatment process with 183 kilometers of network across helps meet MIHAN’s industrial need and preserve the environment.