Nangloi, Delhi

In 2013, Delhi Jal Board (DJB) choose Veolia to run its water supply service for the next 15 years for the Nangloi command area. Through its joint venture company, Nangloi Water Services - Veolia will provide 24/7 water supply to more than one million citizens. The project consists of improvement and revamping of the existing water supply, transmission and distribution network under the command area of Nangloi water treatment plant, on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis.    

By working hand-in-hand with Delhi Jal Board and a range of stakeholders, Veolia will ensure that water is safe and supplied continuously under positive pressure to the entire project area. The process adapted to this end is through a highly integrated process of withdrawing water from the Bawana canal, treating it to the highest quality standard fit for drinking purposes, piping and storing the treated water and distributing it to every customer household.

The operation and maintenance (O&M) project includes two main phases. During the first phase, Nangloi Water Services will focus on upgrading infrastructure and replacement of assets under the direct supervision and control of the Delhi Jal Board. Bringing in the latest technologies in the field of water treatment and distribution, it will improve the performance of Nangloi’s water supply system.

Once the initial phase is over, Nangloi Water Services will supply 24/7 water supply to all the customers within the project area. Veolia has set up three new customer service centers for the assistance of the customers also ensuring the billing and collection. All assets remain the property of Delhi Jal Board and DJB is responsible for setting the water tariff to customers throughout the project period.