Nilothi, New Delhi

The population of New Delhi increased more than 26% from 2001 to 2011 leading to a strain on the city’s energy and water resources. In 2012, Delhi Jal Board, the authority in-charge of water and sanitation, chose Veolia to design, build and operate an innovative green waste water (sewage) treatment plant with a capacity of 91 MLD (20 MGD).

The plant is located in the North western part of New Delhi, in Nilothi. It is the first sustainable sewage treatment plant in the city to use green process that includes the production of biogas and compost (fertilizer). Apart from this, Disc Filters in place of conventional gravity sand filters for tertiary treatment are used for the first time in India.

Veolia is providing international standard of waste water treatment technology, operating expertise, discharge standards and in energy efficiency. Around 50% of electricity requirement of the plant is produced from the in-house electricity generation through bio-gas generated from the plant and through gas engines.

The sludge treatment system will use digesters equipped with gas mixing system to optimize production of biogas, providing a source of green energy to meet the energy needs. The sludge is recovered in the form of highly stabilized compost which can be used by the region’s farmers as fertilizers. The treated wastewater is discharged into the Yamuna River. To minimize the impact on water bodies/ environment into which effluents is discharged, the nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus are removed in the treatment.