Operations and Maintenance

Veolia manages and operates facilities in close partnership with public authorities. We constantly devise unique solutions to help our partners deal with the complex requirements of water services.

Veolia optimizes the operation and maintenance of treatment plants and networks by improving the performance of the water and wastewater assets. We take charge of complete management of services and performance optimization.

Focus on Pench 1

Pench 1 is one of the six water treatment plants that Veolia operates in the city of Nagpur. Here, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation has entrusted us with the management of the city's water supply service.
Veolia's design of the plant included the augmentation of capacity from 110 MLD to 136 MLD. With the objective of producing drinking water of the best quality, Veolia renovated and used state-of-the-art technologies for the aeration, pre-chlorination, coagulation-flocculation, lamellae clarification with MULTIFLO (one of Veolia Water's patented technologies), filtration, disinfection and recycle of backwash wastewater. In addition, Veolia operates and maintains Pench 1 by providing the highest standards in management of services.