Complete Solutions For Concentrated Wastewater Collection And Treatment

The Ankleshwar ZLD CETP is Gujarat’s first facility to treat concentrated wastewater generated from highly polluting industries and recover nearly 45% of the treated water for reuse.

The final waste is transported to a designated landfill in full compliance with the environmental and safety standards. In addition, Veolia creates dedicated waste recycling solutions for each customer’s specific needs.

Our Solutions

  • Cost-effective treatment solutions for critical wastewater streams having high concentrations of COD, TDS, Amm. Nitrogen, etc. generated from various industries.
  • Treatment of broad spectrum of industrial liquid waste viz. Pharma, Pesticides, Bulk Drugs, Dyes & Intermediates, H-Acid & Chemical sector.
  • Integrated best technologies - Best treatment technologies are adapted to suit the specific requirement of the plant. It is well-equipped with technologies like forced evaporation systems, multi-effect evaporators, mechanical vapor recompression, membrane biological treatment, and reverse osmosis.
  • Recovery & Recycling - Veolia ensures the disposal and recovery from the waste under full compliance and regulation. The ammonia stripping facility helps to recover salts like ammonium sulfate and ammonium carbonate, which would otherwise be considered as a waste.
  • State of the art in-house laboratory monitors waste characterization parameters at every stage of the treatment; ensures consistency in the quality of treated water for reuse.



Environmental Footprint

- Reduced fresh-water consumption

- Co2 capture

- Effluent and sewage treatment