State of the art Water Treatment Plant

Veolia constructed a compact technologically advanced WTP to meet the demands of Nagpur Municipal Corporation. Kanhan WTP is equipped with Veolia’s patented technologies like MultiFloR and FiltrafloTM TGV, that significantly reduces the footprint of water treatment plants and efficiently produces high quality of treated water. The new constructed plant is of double capacity (120 MLD to 240 MLD) utilising only 30% of the space that was occupied by the earlier plant.

Our Solutions

  • MultifloR is a compact clarification unit that combines coagulation, flocculation and counter-current lamella settling stages in a single unit. The lamella plates provide a very large projected settling area in a limited space. The footprint is 10 to 20 times less than that of a conventional settler system.
  • FiltrafloTM TGV, a rapid gravitational filter that uses granular media to separate impurities from water. The plant is also equipped with sludge treatment to reduce the water losses in the plant.
  • Reuse and recirculation of filtered backwash water thus minimizing the raw water demand and preventing any discharge into natural stream.
  • 100% SCADA operated water treatment plant with leakage detection technology to reduce water losses.
  • Compact and more efficient treatment process occupying one-fourth of the space required for a conventional clarifier.

240 Million litre water treatment plant

A river water treatment plant treating up to 9000NTU turbidity

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