Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage Disposal Facility

Kutch facility is a pre-processing and treated waste landfill facility that supports the Gujarat industrial belts. As industrial hazardous waste is corrosive, toxic, or reactive, proper treatment is essential to ensure environmental safety and healthy living.

At the Kutch facility, waste is identified and analyzed at a dedicated laboratory, and the best treatment process is adapted as per the specific requirement. The final waste is stabilized and landfilled in full compliance with the environmental and safety standards.

Our Solutions

  • Integrated solutions - Forced evaporation capacity of 100KL/ day; integrated leachate treatment and solidification and stabilization capacity of 200MT/ day.
  • Operational Efficiency through process automation and advanced control PLC & SCADA systems. Using the most up-to-date processing technologies, Veolia ensures that the waste is treated and safely released to the landfill.
  • State of the art in-house laboratory for comprehensive and quick check analysis; monitoring waste characterization parameters.
  • Transparency through live tracking of activities, online stack monitoring, and weather monitoring station. GPS-enabled vehicles for reliable transportation of hazardous waste.
  • Storage Facility - Hazardous waste and toxic pollutants pose significant health and environmental risk. An intermediate storage facility has been built for waste collection during the monsoon.

Compliant landfill management from construction to closure

Secured landfill of approximately 2.5 million metric tons capacity with an effluent treatment plant of 20KL/ day and a sewage treatment plant of 50KL/ day