Managing Water and Wastewater Treatment

The Multi-modal International Hub and Airport at Nagpur (MIHAN) is one of India's most significant economic development projects, with a target to serve 14 million passengers and nearly a million tons of cargo. It comprises an airport terminal and a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), with a residential area covering almost 40 square kilometers.

Our Solutions

  • Advanced water treatment plant providing 24X7 clean drinking water with Veolia’s patent technologies: MultifloR and FiltrafloTM TGV.
  • MultifloR is a compact clarifier that combines coagulation, flocculation and lamella setting, all in a single unit thus saving a lot of infrastructural requirements of a conventional WTP.
  • FiltrafloTM TGV, a compact gravity filtration system that allows the suspended solids to penetrate deeper into the filter bed, thus allowing a "volume filtration" rather than a "surface filtration."
  • Veolia also operates a 77 MLD wastewater treatment plant to meet MIHAN’s industrial needs for water.
  • The treated wastewater from the sewage treatment plants goes through tertiary treatment before releasing into the environment.
  • This comprehensive treatment process with 183 kilometers of network across the entire area helps meet MIHAN’s industrial needs.


20.64 MLD WATER treatment plant 

39 MLD sewage treatment plant

77 MLD wastewater treatment plant