Water Distribution Improvement Project for Nangloi area in Delhi

In 2013, the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) chose Veolia to run its water supply service for the next 15 years for the Nangloi command area. Through its joint venture company, Nangloi Water Services (NWS) - Veolia will provide a 24X7 water supply to more than one million citizens.

The project consists of improvement and revamping of the existing water supply, transmission and distribution network under the command area of Nangloi water treatment plant, on a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) basis.

Our Solutions

  • Modernization of the Nangloi Water Treatment Plant and three existing underground service reservoirs (UGRs) and their associated pumping stations along with the construction of 2 new UGRs and pumping stations.
  • Through a highly integrated process of withdrawing water from the Bawana canal, NWS treats it to the highest quality standard fit for drinking purposes, piping and storing the treated water, and finally distributing it to every customer household.
  • Rehabilitation of the existing distribution networks and replacement of all customer meters. Connection/ metering of all illegal and not connected properties and network extensions in no network/ no connection areas.
  • Water solutions are tailored to local conditions, and all meet public health standards. Distribution systems are compliant with regulations, in line with customer expectations, and designed with minimal environmental impact.
  • Modern and advanced customer service centres for quick actions 

15 years Operation and Maintenance contract

24X7 water supply to more than 1 million citizens

Dedicated Social Welfare Team to strengthen social acceptability