Creating value out of wastewater

In 2012, Delhi Jal Board, the authority in charge of water and sanitation, chose Veolia to design, build and operate an innovative green wastewater
treatment plant with a capacity of 91 MLD (20 MGD), thus, setting precedence in managing valuable wastewater resources.

Veolia offers a full range of services, from the installation of technologies to management of this project. We leveraged our expertise and designed customized solutions.

Project features

  • Technical Performance Efficiency - Providing the highest standard of wastewater treatment technologies through Veolia patented technologies of Azenit (for enhanced Bio-P & TN removal) with sequenced aeration and Disc Filters.
  • Sustainable Interventions - Nutrient recovery from sewage sludge and transforming sludge into biogas.
  • Energy Recovery - The sludge treatment system uses digesters equipped with gas mixing systems to optimize biogas production, a green energy source.
  • Resource Recovery - Treated sewage sludge (Class A Biosolids) meets U.S. EPA guidelines for land applications. Standard quality compost is produced, which can be used for crops, green spaces, and gardens.
  • Water Source Protection - The treated wastewater helps to reduce the pollution load of the Yamuna River.


sustainable urban water management

Environmental footprint reduction


Biogas Recovery

Electricity generation

Meet ~60% of plant's energy demand