Pench IV (Godhani), Nagpur, Maharashtra

Veolia has been partnering with NMC to address the production needs of NMC for close to a decade. In this process NMC chose Veolia to construct a brand new 115 MLD water treatment plant.

The Pench IV water treatment plant has Veolia’s patented technologies of MultifloTM and TGV Filters. Multiflo is a compact clarifier that combines coagulation, flocculation and lamella settling, all in a single unit. This proves to be more efficient and occupying one-fourth of the space required for a conventional clarifier. The plant also includes a TGV Filtraflo which is a rapid gravitational filter using granular media to separate impurities from water plant is also equipped with sludge treatment to reduce the water losses in the plant.

The sludge generated from MultifloTM desluding process will be treated using thickeners and the water will be recirculated for treatment in the plant. This process is undertaken in addition to the filter backwash water which is re-circulated and treated in the plant. Undertaken for the first time in India, these steps will ensure a zero-liquid discharge waste plant.

This design, build and operate project is divided into two phases. The first phase is 27 months of Construction, followed by 10 years of Operation and Maintenance in the second phase.