Our activities

Veolia designs and deploys solutions for water, waste and energy management, participating in the sustainable development of cities and industries. 

Water Solutions: Minimize water consumption and reduce pressure on water resources
Waste Solutions: Recover materials to be reused in a circular economy and reduce reliance on raw materials
Energy Solutions: Decrease energy consumption, tackle rising energy prices and take into account climate change

€24.96 billion in revenue

3 core businesses: 
Water, Waste Management & Energy Services

174,000 employees
around the world


 • 100 million people supplied with drinking water 

 • 63 million people connected to wastewater systems

 • 4,245 drinking water production plants managed

 •  3,303 wastewater treatment plants managed


• 779 district and local heating and cooling networks

• 53 million MWh produced
• 3.4 million multi-family housing units managed

• 2,027 industrial facilities managed

Waste management

•  Collection services for more than 39 million people on behalf of local authorities

 •  553,500 business customers

 •  42.9 million metric tons of waste treated

 •  601 treatment plants operated